“I feel blessed that I turned my hobby and passion into a profession. The world of beauty tempts me and carries me away. I feel fulfilled when I make people feel beautiful.” 



   Machi Xinary graduated from the Faculty of Aesthetics at the Department of Health and Welfare Professions of the University of Thessaloniki in 2006 with a degree in “Aesthetics & Cosmetology”.

   During her studies she has participated in many conferences and seminars related to the field. She has worked at Aesthetics Centers, as well as at Laser Medical Centers.

   She has taught Aesthetics at recognized private colleges and universities in Cyprus, in theoretical and practical courses from 2007 – 2019.

   She has opened her beauty & relaxation salon in 2008, offering services tailored to each individual.

She received her 1st certification for semi-permanent makeup in Athens, in 2010.

After much research and development in the field, Machi Xinary held her very first seminar on Microblading (utilizing a technique that gives an incredibly natural result) in 2016.

In 2017, she becomes a member of the world-renowned Phi Brows Academy where she is awarded the title of “Master Assistance” with continuous training, asseAssment and practice.

In 2018 she continues to upgrade her knowledge by attending a seminar and is certified in different and sophisticated semi-permanent makeup techniques focusing on eyebrows, lips and eyes.

At the Beauty Blossom Congress 2018 in Athens, she wins the 2nd place as a recognized artist and is awarded for her work in Microblading.

In 2019, wanting to help in her own way and utilizing her acquired knowledge and techniques, she embarks on a new learning journey and begins her training in semi-permanent nipple makeup focusing on nipple reconstruction following mastectomy and chest rehabilitation.

In 2020 is officially the first Phibrows Master in Cyprus from the best academy in the world, Phibrows Academy.